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Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Survey of the European Witch

The Oxford Illustrated History of Witchcraft and MagicThe Oxford Illustrated History of Witchcraft and Magic by Owen Davies
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Owen Davies who has written several books on witchcraft and cunning folk has gone ahead and given an overview of magic and witchcraft going all the way back to Sumerian times up to the present, documenting how witches are perceived in the the movies. OOwne Davies has written two of the essays himself and the rest are drawn from contributing authors.

Going back to Sumeria, which was one of the first societies in general. It is in this society that that European or Western Magic has it's roots. There were alway evil spirits to look out for. THe Mesopotamians shared their space with these spirits and believed in placating them in order to be left alone. Good spirits also had to be placated. There was always the fear that someone would use magic against you. Magicians could be temple priests or wise men outside of the temple. The same held for Egypt.

The Greeks learned lots of there magic from the Egyptians, Phoenicians and Sumerians.They absorbed their ideas of astrology and took on a lot of their myths and made it their own. Greek magic used defixiones or lead sheets that were rolled up with an inscription and cast into the Earth or into water. It most be noted that during these Ancient times it was not considered bad to work magic. Witches and magicians were not considered bad. Magic workers were judged by the work they produced. There was n attitude against magic.

In Europe societies were magical as well. THe Norse deemed magic to be feminine and it was considered improper for men too engage in such practice. As Christianity rolled into Europe from the Middle East, not everyone came onto it automatically and dropped their old pagan religion. What happened was an amalgamation of Christianity and ancient pagan customs being absorbed by the new religion. Churches were built on top of old Pagan shrines.

The attitude towards magic was not negative although the church did try to stamp it pagan practices. What got someone into trouble was if they we're accused of using negative magic against someone. THis would result in a flogging or some minor punishment.

European contact with the Middle East via the crusade, 1492 brought Ancient Greek learning back. Too Europe along with many Islamic ideas on magic. This was also when witches were being demonized. Where as before magic was looked down upon now active witch hunts though the inquisition were rising up. People were put through such horrible torture that they often did not survive the investigation. If a witch survived the trial then it was proof that she was a witch.

The Catholic CHurch and the PRotestants would accuse each other of witch craft. Foreign ideas were threatening. Important to note is that the same things Romans said against Christians the Christians would now say against witches.

THe anti magic attitude would die down and magic would be more accepted . By the 1950's most of the anti magic laws we're gone. Some of the greats in magic would arise from the 1900's too the present. Crowley, Gardner, MEsmer to name a few. Former masn would join magic order not with the intent to manipulate the environment but to come closer to God and achieve perfection.
THe book finishes first with surveys on witches in the cinema and anthropology studies of witchcraft and magic.

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Tripping With Jesus

The Psychedelic Gospels: The Secret History of Hallucinogens in ChristianityThe Psychedelic Gospels: The Secret History of Hallucinogens in Christianity by Jerry B. Brown
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Psychadelic Gospels

A raging argument in the the religious scholar community is the debate about the role of ehtneogens or psychadelic drugs on the development of Christianity and other religions. Most religious leaders will try to deny the role of psychodelics in the religions development while someone more open minded might say there is quite a bit of eveidence pointing to the use of hallicinogens.
Starting off with the research of R.Gordon Wasson the author Doctor Jerry Brown and his wife Juliie go traveling to differnt destinations around the world to show the evidence of psychadelics in religious art work. Going through th world relgiions the authors discuss Soma in the classic Rigveda. It appeaers to be a hallucinogenic drink. It is drink that conveys wisdom. It also offers immortatlity. What made up this drink? Some artistic renditions show a mushroom lie fly agaric or Amanita Muscaria. This mushroom was also used by the siberian shaman. There art depicts its use. In fact the Santa Clause legend comes from this. The shaman would have reindeer pull his sled and from an opening in the yurt he would climb through and enter the house. THe Ancient greeks with thier rituals to demeter and the rights of Eleusisis. THe would take egort which grew on Barley and this took them to the underworld and gave them immortality. The art work depicts wheat stocks which is what Ergot grew off of.
R. Gordon Wasson, who was an assitant banker for JP Morgan , was the ametuer scientist who spear headed this movement and he wrote several books on it. His big claim claim to fame was meeting Maria Sabina and the exposure led to tourists combin the hills of Oaxaca looking for a psychadelic experience. This disrupted life for her and it caused enough commotion to/hve here son killed.
Mr. Gordon Wasson never dared to venture that psychadelics played a part in the developement of Christianity. Someone name John Allegro would make that claim and would ultimately be discredited for it. R. Gordon Wasson worked with the vatican and his role was to suppress this theory or information.
The authors Jerry and Julie Brown explored the churches of Europe and examined the art work in Frocault Church, Saint Martins and a few others. The illustration and carving clearly depict serveral mushroom like ilustrations. Juding from this it is easy to say that ethneogens played more than a small role in the developement of Christianity. After all they did play a role inthe developement of the other religions.
The Nag Hammadi Scriptures offer a zen like Christianity. Jesus lived in Egypt for a long time and he must have learned from the Egyptian mysteries. His deth and resurrection weere not literal but rather ppart of an ancient spiritual practice where the Shaman ventures tothe other side in search of gnosis. The Egyptians also used ethneogens.
MANY people have used psychaedelics including steve Job and other scientists. Time is coming to reexamine our relgions and philosophies and look for different interpreations.

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Commentaries on the Art of War

The Art of WarThe Art of War by Sun Tzu
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Learning the Art of War

This is one of the all time great military classics on strategy put out by the Chinese. The book comprising of 13 chapters was penned by Sun Tzu and has been studied widely both with in and without China. Even business men are reading this great book of strategy.

The subject of Sun Tzu can be rather nebulous. Some historians find that there's sources that mention Sun Tzu in context of some event and then there are other historical sources that mention him in the same context as not being there. There is some speculation about his existence. There is also speculation about his role in Chinese society. It is widely believed that he was a general and a noble.

This book is a translation of Sun Tzu's famous text yet it also proffers a historical background and commentaries on what Sun Tzu wrote. The commentaries themselves are rather informative and help to give the reader clarity and background. However, sometimes they are placed right in the middle of the quote which makes it difficult to get the whole gist of the quote unless you go back and reread what you just read.

The original work as noted earlier consists of thirteen chapters which tell about almost every aspect of military planning, execution and post victory. The first three chapter talk about planning a siege, attacking by stratagem and waging war. The next 4 chapters discuss tactical design, energy, finding the enemies weak points and maneuvers. Finally there is variations of tactics, marching the army , terrains, nine situations and the use of fire and spies.

For the master strategist or someone aspiring to be this book will have several nuggets of wisdom. The importance of knowing yourself and your enemy are vital to your success. Variate your tactics and keep your enemy confused never let the enemy figure you out. Keep them guessing as to your actual plans and intention. Not only should your enemy be in the dark but so should your subordinates. There is plenty of people nformation about how to treat the troops and more.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Coven Wars of World WarII

Lammas NightLammas Night by Katherine Kurtz
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Lamas Night

World War II is in full swing, the British are evacuating Dunkirk. Among the soldiers and the intelligence people fleeing , a British agent named Michael Jordan is among them. On his person are some valuable photographs about the Nazi occult program. Wounded and making his way across the English Channel even after the boat he is on sinks, Michael must get to John Graham. Michael is also a member of a witch cult.

From the bowels of Germanys' occult program, John Graham, witch father and M16 agent accesses the second road to infiltrate the German occult program. He sees Sturm, a dark magician dedicated t Satan. Sturm protects Hitler from any from of occult attack.

France has fallen and something must be done quickly to thwart Hitler's next move, invading England. The military handles troop movements but the witches of England must do something magical to veer Hitler's plan. John Graham has the unfortunate the task. Of trying to unite the witches and occultist and have them do their Lamas Night Ritual to defeat Hitler or at least get him to change his mind. Not all the witches agree, there are still laws on the books against witchcraft, some other witches Just do not agree.
To get the witches to cooperate John must find a leader who will unite the witches. Only one person who could really qualify and that's Prince William. The Prince is a fifth wheel, will never inherit the throne, cannot go into deep action due to the fact he is royalty. He is of then old blood. Slowly to William learns about the witch cult and the witch blood that flows into his veins. Will Prince William succeed in uniting the witches?

This work of fiction covers a lot of ground. It talks about Sir Francis Drake and his magic that supposedly stopped the Spanish Armada from invading. Then there are the pat life regression where in the various members discover what their past live were like and what roles they play. Remember the king is tied to the land and a sacrifice must be made every 7 years.

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Sight of Eddie King

I Have the Sight (EDWARD KING #1)I Have the Sight by Rick Wood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Eddie King has been tortured by visions ever since his sister died in a bike ride with him on the estate. Eddie himself was rendered unconscious for a period of time and was tormented by visions of haunted lady and a demon. Is the haunted lady his sister? Who is the demon? With Cassy dying Edie king’s life becomes topsy turvy. Out of the corner of his eye he sees a girl with scars and black hair just staring at him. His father develops a drinking problem and becomes abusive with his wife. His best friend Jenny comes out that she is gay. As the years roll by Eddie’s fortunes wane and he is hardly considered stable. Having taken up with Jenny and Lacy, he soon finds that he is wearing out his welcome.

A plunge of the bridge into the freezing waters below send him back to the underworld where he is tormented by the lady. It maybe his sister? He confronts the demon Balam, who has his sister prisoner.
When he wakes up it is three months later and finds out that he was out for three months and he was declared brain dead. His life is starting to really fall apart. His visist to the psychic does not go a planned and she introduces him to Derek and Levi, two semi pro exorcists.
Eddie has been cursed and blessed. He can go the underworld which is off limits to mortals. But he was not supposed to be there and so something had tried to take his place. Eddie can also see demons while other people cannot see them. The demon Lamashtu has a hold on Eddie and soon he will die.
The big questions remains? Or should I say several questions still remain. Can the exorcist fights Lamashtu? Will Eddie free his sister from the demon’s clutches? Will Balam be defeated?
Find this out and ore by reading he story. It is free off amazon and definitely worth the read. Would be nice if it was longer and had a few more details thrown in to fatten the book up a bit. Over all this guys Is a good story teller.

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Pazuzus Child IV

Pazuzu's Child IV Enter Pazuzu The blond figure walked slowly through the blasted and burned remain of the hairy ape like Graham . Bending over carefully so as not to smear dirt or blood on his off white suit he slowly picked up the head of a fallen Trajan. "You are one ugly creature" he held the ape like head at arms length and examined the head as though he were admiring it. He squinted his eyes and scrunched his face in disgust as he noted the extra long canine teeth of the creature jutting up from its lower jaw. Much like fangs but placed on the wrong part of the jaw. The rest of the face was much like a cross between a gorilla and a chimpanzee. " Truly an ugly creature" he said quietly enough for only himself and the decapitated head he held in his hand. Shuddering at the ugly creatures head in disgust he threw it back in the ground, where it rolled until it gently hit a tree. There was a hollow thunk sound as though one were knocking a watermelon. Casually he walked over to some of the human remains. He kicked the carcass of a bearded thug going stiff with rigor mortis. " Evil doer" he whispered with an devilish undertone "too Bad It Was Not I Or one Of My servants who did you in, I could have fed off your soul" He chuckled to Himself and then walked on toward the Vortex. How convenient he Thought to himself, the fog suppresses all sound coming from the tiny little glen. And so he walked through the vortex whispering to himself quietly. " Dam trajan" he was shaking his head " one day I shall words with that dwarf king Oid" _____________________________________________________________________________________________ The Usurper King The court of Uruk was bedecked in opulent splendor with craftsmanship never viewed before by the Viking king. If one could get used to the heat the desert realms of Sumeria were not half bad. Still despite the opulence and wealth, the King Ragnar much preferred his homeland, the kingdom of the Danes. Ragnar knew that was not an option. Death had opened her doorway and was devouring literally everything in sight. The sailing from Norseland to the realm of the Phoenicians had been smooth enough and the Phoenicians themselves were not warrior types but rather merchants who quite ,quick and ready to engage in commerce of any sort. The main cargo the Vikings were interested in was slave. In a world based on need a mug of mead in the midst of the desert sun was of more value than all the gold in the world. Death was reaching out into his world , his people with an evil of her gnarled claw like hand. The slaves were not for labor or any other uses people had for them. They were used for sacrifices. Perhaps it was 10 years ago when the dark goddess of death reached her bony hand into the realms of the northern lands. Plagues started to attack and decimate the land and it's people. The dark goddess of death had sent her minions to feed upon the souls of the living. By day she would grow stronger, her power would was like the increased light of the moon. Death wanted to over come the living. She would feed off the souls of human sacrifices. There was sorrow in the Viking kings eyes when he purchased is group of slave. The warlike Akkadians had over taken villages and enslaved entire populations. "You will enjoy these slaves" the Akkadian had declared with a belly laugh while pointing to the enslaved women and children. They were poor unfortunate creature chained in a cage like defeated animals. " I am afraid my procurement of slaves is not for enjoyment or labor. " whispered back the Viking king ,his saddened face portraying his shame. He shook his head and then continued "they are to be sacrificed to the dark goddess of death" "Ereshkigal" spat the Akkadian chief. "The dead have no business with the living" "Tell that to her and her demons that come from the underworld devouring everyone in sight." Answered the Viking scornfully. " in our corner of the world we call her Hela" The Akkadian chieftain shrugged "maybe that is what you call her in your snow covered lands , I do not know or maybe the land of the dead is divided up into regions and cities like the land of the living and the two we are talking about are different queens of different land in the realm of the dead." The Viking king sighed and took a deep breath. " your gods out here in the desert h realm have the same stories and everything yet they have different names. " The Akkadian chief laughed heartily. " perhaps we are all the same" he said. " maybe The Gods walk among us In Disguise taking a different name with every different place. " " perchance" muttered the Viking , hand slowly stroking his beard. " This death goddess is devastating plague upon my land" The chieftain smiled clapping the Viking king upon his shoulder. " she will take and take and when you can give her no more then she will launch her war up on the living" the chieftain paused . He was looking at the Vikings face making sure his words were sinking in. " Many gods and goddesses have challenged death and lost but there is a magician who can help " " who can challenge death ? " the Viking asked in amazement " not even Odin could rescue his son Baldur from the clutches of death.. " "Death can be beaten" laughed the Akkadian " I think there are two goddesses who have defeated death . Anatu and Ishtar but they have not been seen gracing the desert sands for a long time. Which is why you must go see the magician . " _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Lair of the Magician " The Northern Goddess of death " chuckled the gap toothed magician " an emaciated lady the spawn of demons. " the cloaked magicians tone became serious. " She is one who has never tasted defeat she will not be easily defeated. " the Viking kings face was crestfallen. "Must my people be constantly sacrificed to this soul hungry goddess" lamented Ragnar. " God's and goddesses feed on human souls " countered the old magician. " so do demons ,especially those of the under world . They wait like predators hoping to pounce upon a hapless victim. " The angry Viking slammed his two fists into the old stone table. The magicians tools that were laying upon the table shook and rattled. The stone table itself became cracked. " Must I allow this evil demon free reign to slaughter my people? " bellowed the enraged viking " relax" the magician said with a reassuring smile. "There is one who can defeat this decrepit queen of the dead." " who is this warrior that can lay this demon to rest once and for all ? " demanded Ragnar . " he is a warrior demon of utmost strength. " explained the gap toothed magician with another reassuring smile. " a demon? " screamed the Viking leader with rage. " A demon? " "Demons and gods do feed off of human souls" whispered the magician "some will feed off on other deities and demons, pazuzu is one such spirit." The Viking day enraptured by the magician . " pazuzu, son of Hanbi, is one such demon. He is evil against evil. He is a demon that feeds off of other demons" " is he dangerous to humans ? " the Viking king asked cautiously. " Only evil doers" the gap toothed magician laugh back. "Only evil doers" "How do I reach Pazuzu? "Rather queried eagerly. " I conjure him" the magician said with a glint in his eye. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Conjuring pazuzu A light knocking sound had some him up. Pazuzu questioned himself as the fog was lifted slowly from his mind. How long had it been since a human had last summoned him. The sleep had been long. Milenia, centuries of years? Pazuzu opened his mind's eye and gazed upon an old darkened Arabian magician calling his name inside a circle of salt. At the circles East end was a large triangle abutting the circle. There is where they would trap him! "Think today I will take a human form" he said to himself. His minds eye surveyed the temple. Solid walks and floors of ancient limestone. The chamber itself must have underground judging by the look of things. The smoke coming from the censers had nowhere to go, so the room was filled with the smoke from the burned frankincense and myrrh. To go there would suffocate him. "Decisions, decisions" pazuzu muttered to himself, wondering what his next move would be. No one in Earth one ever bothered with the old ones. Earth two it was still alive. Still no one summoned demons and even fewer people even bothered summoning pazuzu. He stopped and paused again. "Guess I can check out earth two or stay trapped in this nether realm forever," the old demon thought to himself . "Freedom is freedom so here goes nothing" and so Pazuzu descended to Earth 2. The triangle protected him from offensive odors of the frankincense and myrrh and so he appeared before the cowled magician. Dressed in his creme colored suit with black alligator skin shoes. His hair was a light blind cut one side shorter than the other. His eyes were hazel and he flashed a smile so delicious he could charm just about anyone. "Well it has been heaven knows how long since those Christian looneys banished me to some realm where I have been forced to sleep." Pazuzu said quite gratefully flashing his oh so delicious smile. " our task is the goddess of death, she is escaping her realm and claiming the souls of the living. " the magician informed of he demon in a tone of severity. "Well I will tell you" the demon explained with a chuckle under his breathe . " I brook no quarrel with Ereshkigal , and I am not so keen to have one . Pazuzu's tone became more serious and his delicious smile began to fade. "She has a different name" said the magician " in the north where the snow drifts cover the earth, she is called Hela" Pazuzu paced around the salt lined triangle , his thoughts racing to his head. What seemed like an endless river of minutes. From his silent musings one would here the words freedom, war and fighting. Finally he stopped and fixed his hazel eyes on the magician who summoned him and he smiled a devilish smile. "There is a way but it is 10 years in the making and as luck would have it, this coincides with my plan." The Viking and the Sorcerer turned and gave each other a puzzled look/ " Oh come on why the puzzles looks " he yelled outva, loud laugh. In fact he laughed so hard that his face turned red. Sitting on what would seem like an invisible chair he began to explain what his plan would entail. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Pazuzu's Plan " I think it was around the year 1972 on Earth one or there about, I am not totally sure" began the blond demon still sitting aloft on his invisible chair. "Maybe the dates don't matter" he continued " You are not familiar with that any way.but I did see a young child possessing all that righteous fury that would make him the perfect avatar. " the magician and the Viking listened on with the appearance of awe engraved upon their face. " he had berserker blood running in veins and he had been adopted by a family just days after he had been born.. As you know family member can change their mind and some how convince themselves that they have the right to reverse a situation and relative today as before do not always mind their own business, like they should. So an Aunt and her children tried to take the little boy back. This young boy had no idea of anything. First they tried to talking to him in a church. Mind you I saw all this imprisoned in the realm the Christians locked me away in. Might I tell you that to do such a thing to a child is a horrid thing to do. The little boy was not scared like most little boys his age would be, he was angry, he was enraged, he was ready to wreak havoc. That little boy what I was looking for , a rager. Oh how I loved it. I Digress unfortunately, back to this young boys story and why I liked him so much. The courts do not always dispense justice. They forced the boy to meet the aunt and her children. Thinking his adoptive parents were his real parents he was , of course, repelled by them. In his mind they were repulsive creatures. Then a couple of days later they came in a van to take him back to his biological family. His adoptive mother had a different story to tell. She has told him that they wanted to adopt him back in the city of his birth but that she had changed his mind. The boy was sad as anyone his age would be going through such an ordeal. The young one was no one to bow down to the wicked savageness of sorrow no he was plotting his escape or his return to home. No sooner had they parked the can and gotten into the house the young boy flew into a rage. The furniture was smashed into pieces. He ran around the house like a lunatic evading capture from the larger adults and locked himself in a room with a younger girl. This poor girl was duly afraid of this raging monster of a boy who stood before her. The girl was deathly frightened and the little boy with glowing red hair wanted to go home to his mother and father . A funny deal was struck, she would feign injury from the knife he held in his hand and in exchange he would do her no harm. Needless to say the deal fell through. The adults in the room opened the door, detained the boy, plopped him back into the can and drove him back home. Parent and child were reunited and I knew then that I had found my avatar. " The Viking and the magician understood most of the story, yet there were concepts and words they did not understand. Pazuzu patiently explained what a van was, what a court was and what adoption was among other things. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Pazuzu' Return to Uruk. Through the vortex he had walked. Glancing down at the ground covered with puddles of blood, the old demon chuckled. He kicked the severed law and then thought about it. Pick it up he thought to himself and put it in a purple velvet bag. It would come in useful later he thought to himself again. " Earth 2 a world free of religious domination " he said to himself out loud with a smile. Taking in a deep breath ,he decided to look around. " One day both worlds shall be mine" In the midst of the dark woods he walked to an open space and resumed his true form. From out of his back a multiple colored plumage of wings emerged. His face was that of a mad dog or hyena , perhaps a combination of the two. Hands and feet turned to pass and claws. Off into the air he flew. Pazuzu knew where the Viking king was, and he knew how to get there. ........…..............................................................................////./////........................................................... The winds from the West blew hot that day, bringing with them got burning sands. Fear over took the residents of Uruk. Many ran in doors and his for the fear was so great. The more superstitious would seek refuge in the temples of various deities. Those who were brave or felt they had not a trace of sin walked through the streets openly and brazenly. Yet there those who regarded Pazuzu as friend. Midwives had pendants dedicated to Pazuzu for despite how evil the from appeared to be he was the one who protected children from wicked goddess Lamashtu. The demoness was the queen of a class of demons who killed children and seduced men in the night. The union between these delineates and men produced children who were half demon and half human. Along with the wind often came plague and disease. No one was protected from the plagues that came with wind. Many died with sores covering their bodies. Their Skin Would Melt Off Their Face. Pazuzu landed, his form so hideous that even the one with bravest of hearts felt their souls melt in fear. Those brave ones who did not die, fled. Once Pazuzu appeared as the blond boy in a creme colored suit the plague stopped. People still fled. The bazaar was lined with abandoned stalls and shops. Still no one who was about would steal because the dread Lord Pazuzu loved to sla wrong doers. The numerous Viking guards moved aside as the familiar stranger in a creme colored suit walked with a swagger towards Ragnnar. " By Thor's beard you have returned, is it that time already! " the bearded Viking king exclaimed a loud. The demon gave a mild chuckle then said quietly his tone almost a whisper. "Well two things old friend, if I may so call you that. First this is the desert land and Thor has no sway here and second yes my avatAr has arrived"I

Friday, October 20, 2017

Say Bradbury Writing

Zen in The Art of WritingZen in The Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury
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Ray Bradbury is on of the foremost American writers in America, who better to help the writer learn his craft then one of the masters. I could say that it all happened when he was a small boy collecting Buck Rogers’s comics and then to be considered normal he ripped them u and threw them away. This was a sin against his soul, something he deeply regretted. So the young boy rebought the comics and decided to stay true to himself. Smart decision.
The true writer must stay true to himself and find his own voice. The writer must live life to the fullest. For the writer cannot be a good writer if he or she does not live life to the fullest. He or she must have gusto and zest and it will infect his or her writing. Or should I say it will infuse his or her writing.

The writer by requirement to survive must write every day. Some writers will write a whole story in one day. Other writers will do only a few pages. The main thing is to write. Like any other art and in this I do consider sports and dance art forms, it must be practiced every day. Writing everyday does not only make the writer better at his or her craft but rather writing cleanses the writers mind.
Along the way through these easy to read and equally entertaining chapters, Ray Bradbury will tell you about his writing experiences and over several good tidbits on how to boost creativity. One thing a writer must realize is that short stories or poems can become novels. Novels can turn into screenplays. Just because your work is rejected by one publisher does not mean it will not be accepted by another publisher. Remember you are not a failure at writing until you stop writing. Ray suggest writing every day even if you end up trashing 4/5 of what you write that one fifth is what will make it.

A couple of techniques that the beginning or struggling author might find useful are word lists and realizing that your characters are really alive. The word list is nothing more than a word association. You write down a word on a piece of paper and after you get enough of them start writing your own story. Don’t worry the subconscious will feed the rest . It is good to remember that when writing you should immediately write down your story. Just spit it out. Do not worry about editing or correcting the words just get the story out . Another technique is to create or discover the character and let the character run. Your character will run forward and write the story for you. All the aspiring author has to do is just narrate what was seen in the minds eye.

Poetry and screen writing have a lot in common. Whereas the novelist strive to write the word but ow sot need to condense words or turn a paragraph into a picture. As writer he was frustrated when he had to condense his writing by to thirds but it was done and it was a success. Poetry is a picture contained in a stanza or paragraph.

Writing is Zen. The author must find their voice and not be an imitation of others. There is only one you just like there is only Shakespeare. Do not write for money but rather work , don’t think and relax.

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